Halloween Arts and Crafts!

(C) 2015 Creative & Curious

Eeeep! Halloween is only three days away. I’ve been focusing mostly on costume-making, but now that that’s complete I wanted to create some fun spooky crafts to use as decorations around the house!

First up, spooky silhouettes. I found some color diffusing paper left over from an art class I taught last summer and I knew I wanted to use it up. It’s a really neat product that can be used in a variety of ways. I know ours was purchased at S&S Worldwide. This paper is absorbent, so washable colors (we used Crayola washable markers) will blend beautifully together when sprayed with water while the permanent markers stay put creating a silhouette effect! Don’t have diffusing paper on hand? A coffee filter works just as well (see the spooky sample below)!

(c) 2015 Creative and Curious

I used a Sharpie to create the silhouette portion of the craft, coloring in any areas I wanted to be black. Then I handed it over to my one-year-old, who happens to be a great scribbler!


Once she was finished, I sprayed the paper with water and laid it flat to dry! That’s it. These look great displayed in windows, as they almost have a stained glass feel to them.

Next, we made some mummy candle holders using (1) Mod Podge, (2) empty glass jars (3) gauze and (4) googly eyes.

(c) 2015 Creative and Curious

I applied the Mod Podge to the jars using a sponge brush. Then I wrapped the jar in gauze. I had two types of gauze on hand, the one in the foreground looks much better (in my opinion!). It was woven less tightly than the other, which allows more of the candle light through when it’s dried. Sadly, I only had enough of that type to cover one jar!

To seal it, I applied a final coat of Mod Podge over the gauze in a dabbing motion and added some googly eyes.

Once it was dry, I used an electric candle to light it!

(C) 2015 Creative and Curious

Lastly I want to share this cute pumpkin stamping activity. All you need is (1) an apple (2) orange paint and (3) paper! Cut your apple in half and dip it into the paint to stamp your pumpkin shape!



Allow the paint to dry, then decorate the pumpkins as you wish. We used a combination of more paint and number stickers 🙂

(C) 2015 Creative and Curious

Looking for other Halloween Crafts? Head on over to our Pinterest board and check out other projects we’ve pinned for you!

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